Sreeal Technologies digitally transforms SLG Aerobic Yoga Fitness Studio

SLG Aerobic Yoga Fitness Studio is a thriving fitness hub for fitness enthusiasts. It specializes in offering fitness training for weight reduction, stamina growth, weight control and management, body toning etc. With a good track record of satisfied customers, SLGAYS witnessed rising number of customers to serve. This piled up a good number of giant log books which recorded the personal, payment and fitness profile details of its customers. Managing these manual records started becoming an overhead to the company staff. Picking needed data manually from these illegible physical records became next to impossible.

SLGAYS approached the reliable digital technology company, Sreeal. Team Sreeal then worked closely with SLGAYS staff, observed & understood its manual processes, designed and developed a digital solution which made its earlier processes efficient and robust with future-proof infrastructure. The digital solution is a cloud based application which allows SLGAYS staff to create, maintain and archive customer data with ease from anywhere in the world using a desktop or laptop or tablet or mobile. The digital solution also includes an Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot that makes adding customer payments details and sending payment receipts to the customers as easy as blinking an eye. Also, SLGAYS customers can now witness and track their fitness goals, trend and improvement with the help of various visual charts and graphs. This increased the satisfaction levels of its customers. Data and results driven approach is helping SLGAYS win more customers. With the new digital infrastructure in place, SLGAYS leaped ahead of its competitors.

Sreeal Technologies designed the solution so as to give SLGAYS room to grow, helping it to deliver the best possible customer experience as the company continues to grow. With flexible and future-proof solution in place, and Sreeal Technologies as its technology partner, SLGAYS can be sure that its Digital infrastructure can support business operations now and in the future!!

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