Sreeal Technologies contributes to the Digital Transformation of Entertainment Industry.

Sreeal, as you know, works with its clients to turn their vision into reality! Following is just another classic example of Sreeal meeting its objective.

Working with passionate entrepreneurs, leaders and experts from diverse industries and geographies gives us deeper insight into the processes, gaps and challenges in their respective industry and geography. This insight combined with our exposure, experience and expertise in leveraging Digital Technology leads to Digital Transformation. Every industry has identified Digital Transformation as the way forward to its future success. Entertainment Industry is no exception.

The insights provided by our client - a popular entertainment industry veteran, and our competence in driving ideation through product launch gave shape to #1 casting solution in Africa for Film/TV, Music Videos, Commercials, Comedy and more! This solution connects new and seasoned talent with the right people who need their skills and seeking to hire them in the entertainment industry.

We handled the end-to-end development of this platform. We also offered our consultation to the client at various stages on various aspects including technology, marketing and promotional strategies, customer engagement, etc.

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